Customer Reviews

"I use @rootbsd. No complaints, best customer service I've seen in the industry."

@Arlen on twitter

"@RootBSD is the most ​*awesome*​ VPS Provider. Excellent Customer Service! Excellent BSD Virtual hosting. Everything I expect from a vendor!"

@ArchAzrael on twitter

"If you are looking for BSD VPS, I would highly recommend @RootBSD . Their service is awesome."

@farrokhi on twitter

"Awesome servers! I've got about a dozen VPS around the world and I've dealt with a lot of providers, and you guys outperform everything else I've tried (including amazon). The network is /stable/, which is rare these days. I've left SSH sessions open over night and when I come back to them, they are still up. The ping times are reliable with hardly any jitter. I am very glad I chose you for my main site hosting."

Carl Ekman

"Thank you for being such a big help through this entire process and I am extremely happy with your company's service. I will probably have more qustions to come and its good to know that I have a knowledgeable and responsive team working with me."

Thomas in Pasadena, CA

"I've been looking forever for a competent company providing BSD virtualization. Your company is awesome. :^)"

Dennis Vink

"Great support, RootBSD rules in the BSD VPS world!"

Eyaggelos Typaldos

"We are quite happy with your service. (Who needs Linux when you have BSD?). Even the low end entry level box we have has performed better than we expected. I can speak for all of us here at Double Cluepon Software and say: we look forward to a long and productive working relationship with RootBSD."

C. McCraken

"I have been in Internet Engineering, Design and Development for close to two decades and never have I been so delighted about a service provider as I have been with RootBSD. Their service offerings trump all others including, from which I migrated all my customers, which is why I will continue to utilize RootBSD for all web-facing servers. Thanks RootBSD, you make my life as a web developer an easy one to maintain. "

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