RootBSD designs and manages custom private clouds tailor-made to meet your business requirements.

Private clouds offer you a powerful and secure solution for your company. Your virtual machines are configured on your own private (non-shared) clusters allowing you to easily create a secure, scalable, and high availability infrastructure. Dedicated servers can be combined with your virtual machine hosts for database servers or other applications with high resource utilization. Our clouds are built to not only your support your technical needs but also meet today’s compliance standards. It is simple to add more virtual machine hardware nodes and dedicated servers can be connected on your own private VLAN providing you with a scalable solution. Downtime and hardware failures are a thing of the past with the high availibility and redundant options available with private clouds.

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Available Features

  • Web-based administration and control
  • Managed firewall and VPN
  • Scalable – easily add more machines
  • High avalibility and failover
  • Snapshot and clone disks
  • Geographic redundancy
  • IPv4 and IPv6 ready
  • Written SLA
  • Support for wide-range of operating systems (BSD, Linux, Windows)
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  • Let us manage your infrastructure so you do not have to
  • Server consolidation
  • No more worrying about hardware failures
  • Maximize your uptime
  • Highly secure environment
  • Regulatory compliance

Managed hardware firewalls, redundant power supplies, SSDs, and other options are available.