RootBSD wants your experience to be the best it can be. To that end, we have defined necessary guidelines and expectations, as outlined in the policies below. You should also refer to your support contract in your account area, which may complement or supersede the policies listed below.

Terms of Service
Use of this Web site and our services are subject to RootBSD's Terms of Service.

Acceptable Use Policy
RootBSD's customers are subject to RootBSD's Acceptable Use Policy and RootBSD's Terms of Service.

Privacy Policy
RootBSD's Privacy Policy governs RootBSD's collection, storage, and use of information gathered through this Web site.

Service Level Agreement
RootBSD's Service Level Agreement outlines the service agreement between RootBSD and our customers.

Security Policy

We believe strongly in the security of our infrastructure and our customers.

All of our locations are in industry leading carrier hotels, with many layers of physical security, and industry leading audits and certifications.

Beyond physical security we employ a multitude of logical and human security measures.

If you you need to report abuse or a violation of our AUP, please email with log data or submit a support request.

If you believe you have identified a security concern within our infrastructure, please email