MaheshaBSD Sponsored by RootBSD

RootBSD is now sponsoring the MaheshaBSD project by providing storage and hosting resources. 

What is MaheshaBSD?

MaheshaBSD-2.0, a FreeBSD Live CD (modular/education/presentation/rescue toolkit) based on FreeBSD 9.0, is introduced in this article. The Live CD was released in February 2012. The article will summarize the news in the new version of this distribution (for example, a possibility to use 4 keyboard layouts also with Devanagari, the author’s Xmodmap solution, and many other things). The name MaheshaBSD is derived from Mahesha, one of the names of Lord Shiva. The name was chosen because Lord Shiva is armed with the same weapon as FreeBSD – the trident (trishula in Sanskrit).

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