Upgrading to another Xen VPS Package

To upgrade to another Xen VPS package, 3 things will change:

1. Bandwidth -- The Bandwidth upgrade is seamless and requires no reboot of the VPS.

2. RAM -- The RAM upgrade will require a reboot of the VPS so we will need to know when it is convenient to make this change.

3. Hard Disk -- The Hard Disk upgrade can be handled in 1 of 2 ways:

A. We can add a new hard disk that contains the new drive space.  This requires a reboot of the VPS.

B. We can migrate customer data to a different sized hard disk so that all disk space is on the same hard disk.  To do this, the VPS has to be offline for approximately 1 hour per 10GB of data while the filesystem is migrated.

To submit an upgrade request:

  • Log into the client area at https://manage.rootbsd.net/clientarea.php
  • Go to "My Services" and select the VPS you wish to upgrade.
  • Click the Upgrade button in the VPS control panel.
  • Fill out and submit the upgrade request form.

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