How to update the ports tree

Using Portsnap

As of March, 2009 RootBSD has provided hosting for a public Portsnap mirror which can also be used as a high speed, local mirror for our customers to use. Also since this time, all new RootBSD VPS's have been configured for portsnap to utilize our mirror when performing updates.

If your VPS was provisioned before this time you can update your portsnap configuration to use our local mirror by editing /etc/portsnap.conf and replacing the value for SERVERNAME with

Updating your ports tree is easy with portsnap. Begin by executing 'portsnap fetch' which downloads the updates to the ports tree. If you already have a ports tree install then execute 'portsnap update' to apply the downloaded updates to your ports tree. If you don't have an existing ports tree then you can execute 'portsnap extract' to populate /usr/ports.

For more information about portsnap, please see the FreeBSD Handbook.

Using Subversion

RootBSD now offers a subversion mirror for users that desire more control over their ports tree. To check out the ports tree to /usr/ports, run the following command

# svn co /usr/ports 

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