Using your Dedicated Server IPMI Console

All RootBSD Dedicated Servers include a console access over IPMI. IPMI allows you console access and server health monitoring. The console access also allows your to mount an ISO over IPMI so that you can reinstall your operating system or boot from a LiveCD at any time.

To see your IPMI interface credentials, login to your Client Area -> My Services. Select details for your dedicated server product. There will be an IP Address, username, and password where that you can use to log in to the web interface.

Note: RootBSD maintains an Administrator IPMI account for all of our dedicated servers. In order to provide you with the highest level of support, we highly recommend that you do not remove or disable this account. We will not support configuration changes to your IPMI interface. If you require a firmware update, please contact our support staff,  and we will be happy to assist you. You will be held responsible for any damage done including flashing an incorrect image.

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