How To Reinstall Your Operating System

RootBSD support staff will perform reinstalls for our customers for no additional fee; however, customers can also reinstall various operating systems of their choice on their own.

Note: This feature is not available to customers using RootCP

Getting Started

WARNING: Your data may not be recoverable after performing the operations outlined below. Please make sure you backup any important data.

To access the reinstall menu, reboot your VPS from the power controls in your client area and connect to your VNC console once it has started booting back up. Your VPS will automatically boot into the reinstall menu. If no keyboard input is provided in 15 seconds, your VPS will boot to your disk.

If you cannot access the menu, please make sure you used the power controls after safely shutting down your VPS.

From the main menu, you can still choose to boot to your disk, run a memtest, or select on of the sub-menus: FreeBSD, OpenBSD, and Linux.

Be sure to follow any help messages and instructions that appear from your selections (see below).


Some operating systems require an additional kernel option to load networking correctly.  These plans will have a note in the installer: "Ensure you use xen_emul_unplug=never"

For example, during the Ubuntu install you will need to hit TAB on to edit the install option:

If you have any questions about this option, or any other install issues please open a support ticket.


Contact Us

If you encounter any issues with our reinstall program, please contact us. We appreciate any feedback or feature requests that you have.

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