Additional IP addresses

You can request additional IPs by submitting a support ticket with proper justification in accordance with ARIN's policies for the additional address(es).

Once the request is submitted, a support representative will handle the request and respond to the support ticket.

Once an additional IP address has been assigned you can configure it as an alias on your public interface as follows:

FreeBSD 9.x:

ifconfig em0 <your_additional_public_ip> netmask alias

FreeBSD 10.x:

ifconfig xn0 <your_additional_public_ip> netmask alias

To make the new alias persistent across reboots/networking restarts, edit /etc/rc.conf:

FreeBSD 9.x: 

ifconfig_em0="inet <your_primary_public_ip> netmask"
ifconfig_em0_alias0="inet <your_additional_public_ip> netmask"

FreeBSD 10.x:

ifconfig_xn0="inet <your_primary_public_ip> netmask"
ifconfig_xn0_alias0="inet <your_additional_public_ip> netmask"

Additional IP aliases can be added in the same way by editing /etc/rc.conf with increasing alias numbers (e.g., ifconfig_xn0_alias1, ifconfig_xn0_alias2, etc.).

* Please note that the netmask for the additional/alias address should be

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