Ordering And Installing SSL Certificates

These articles are intended to guide you through the purchasing and installation of SSL certificates in the customer portal.

Purchasing Your SSL Certificate

  1. Log into your portal.
  2. On the top menu, click on Domains and then SSL Certificates from the dropdown.
  3. This is your SSL Certificate overview page. Select +Add Certificate at the top right.
  4. Here is where you will choose which Certificate Authority you would like to use, as well as the length of the SSL certificate you're purchasing.
  5. After choosing your certificate, click Select which should then brings you to a confirmation page. Verify the information by clicking Confirm.
  6. You will now need to fill out your payment information. If you receive an error regarding payment processing, go back to your SSL overview page and find the SSL certificate you just ordered. From there click Create at the very right.
  7. On the creation box, you will need to fill out all required contact information in relation to the company / website that the SSL certificate is being installed for.
  8. At the CSR configuration page, specify the Server Type and paste your CSR (Certificate Signing Request) in the text field. If you do not have a CSR, please generate one on the server that will be hosting the site or use our CSR Generator Tool located at the bottom of the box.
  9. On the confirmation and review page, choose which type of validation process you would like to use. Also make sure to check the off User Agreement.
  10. Once the SSL certificate has been verified, it will be listed on your SSL certificate overview page as Active. From there, select the View button to see additional information as well as the actual certificate.
  11. Finally at the view page for the certificate, you will see expiration date details, certificate information in raw text, and a download option for the certificate via the Download ZIP button.

HTTP Validation Method

Please follow this process if choosing the HTTP File option for validation. How this works is the CA (Certificate Authority) provides you with a file. You are to upload that file to your site so that the CA can find and verify that the file provided to you has been uploaded to the website (validating that you have access to this site). This proves that you have control over the site in question. Without being able to verify you own the site, the CA will not provide you with a certificate.

  1. On the Review and Verification page during the SSL purchasing process (Step 9 in the above guide), select the HTTP Validation method from the dropdown menu and hit Confirm.
  2. Back on the SSL Overview page, you will see the ceritifcate now stating "Awaiting Verification".
  3. Click the Verification Details button on the right.
  4. This displays the overall verification information including the Status, Filename, and File Content.
  5. Create a file with the filename specified, and include the exact contents within that file you created (this can be done via a simple text editor such as Notepad). The details must be exactly as shown on the page.
  6. Upload your newly created file to the root of your website's public html directory. (Tip: The View/Modify Verification page gives a URL. Once you've uploaded the file, go to that URL and verify the page loads)
  7. After uploading the file, allow up to 20 minutes for validation to complete. Once complete, the SSL certificate on the overview page will show as Active.
  8. Next click the View button to the right of the SSL certificate on the SSL overview page. This will give you the certificate details, the certificate in raw text, and a ZIP file of the certificate to download.
  9. Lastly you will need to install the certificate provided on your server.

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