How to use the VNC console

Our new VNC console accessible from within your customer portal provides encrypted VNC access to your server without the need to set up VNC over SSH. This console is also platform-independent and will work with *Nix, Windows, and Mac without the need to install special software on your computer.

To use VNC, follow these steps:

1. Log in to your customer portal
2. Click the Infrastructure tab on your main Dashboard page, from there, select which type of servers you are trying to access; Virtual Servers, Bare Metal, or Colocation.
3. Click the Dashboard button to the far right of the server you wish to access
4. Click the Console tab
5. Click the VNC Console button to the far left of Full Virtualized / HVM

Before exiting your server, make sure that you log out and don't just close the window the VNC connection is in. This will just close your connection and not actually sign you out of the server.
Please contact support if you have any questions, comments, or encounter any issues with VNC.

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