Setup a PayPal subscription

PayPal subscriptions (recurring payments) are convenient when they work, but there are also some problems that can come up.  For example, if you change certain things in your PayPal account such as credit card or bank information, this can cancel the subscription.  Also if we need to adjust your monthly billing rate, we will have to cancel your PayPal subscription since a subscription cannot be modified once it is setup.

If this happens, it is easy to create a new subscription.  Login to and view your invoices.  If we have already created a new invoice for you, you can bring it up and there will be a link for "PayPal Subscribe" to create a new subscription.  If there is not yet an unpaid invoice, you'll need to wait until the next invoice is automatically created by our system, at which point you'll receive an email notice.  You can then login and click the subscribe link on the invoice. 

** The only exception is that once an invoice is overdue, our system will only display the one-time PayPal payment link.  This is to prevent a subscription being created that would always result in an overdue payment.

If you have any questions or concerns please open a support ticket so that we can help you.


Instantly deploy a BSD cloud VPS with RootBSD

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