Reset your root password in FreeBSD

If you have forgotten your root password and are unable to log in as root, do not be concerned. You are able to reset your root password using your VNC console. Simply follow these steps:

  1. Use VNC to connect to the VPS console. 
  2. Send Ctrl+Alt+Del command to reboot the system gracefully
  3. Once the system reboots you'll need to reconnect to the VNC console
  4. Once the system boots from the disk, the FreeBSD boot menu will appear with a 10 second timer.  Select the option for Single User Mode.
  5. It will boot up and ask you for a shell. Simply hit 'enter'.
  6. Remount the / partition read-write:  mount -o rw /
  7. Run the 'passwd' command to enter the new root password
  8. Type exit to finish booting into multiuser mode.

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