RootBSD’s Hybrid Cloud solution allows you to build a custom and scalable infrastructure by combining virtual and dedicated servers.

With a hybrid cloud, you can combine your virtual and dedicated servers. Resources that demand the specifications of a dedicated server – such as a database or other supporting applications – can be directly connected with your virtual servers. The resulting infrastructure offers you a highly customized system with efficiency, flexibility, and performance. Clouds can include a wide range of different configurations with both the virtual servers on shared physical resources and the dedicated servers. Contact us using the form at the bottom of this page to begin building your hybrid cloud.

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Available Features

  • Web-based administration and control
  • Flexiblity – Upgrade or expand your cloud to meet growing demands
  • Connectivity – All servers share your own private VLAN
  • Run a database server on dedicated servers
  • Run applications and web services on virtual servers
  • Geographic redundancy
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  • Let us manage your infrastructure so you do not have to
  • Server consolidation
  • Cost-effective solution
  • Take advantage of public cloud and dedicated environments

Managed hardware firewalls, redundant power supplies, SSDs, and other options are available.