At RootBSD people ask us why we prefer *BSD over Linux. The truth is that these days, you can use almost anything to get things done - and Linux, OS X (based on the Mach kernel of course), and even Windows ( sigh ) are tools used in the wild, along with *BSD's.

So why do we use FreeBSD? Why use a butter knife when you can use a steak knife - or a multi tool? Over decades (yes, we're getting old) we've found that *BSD gets us where we need to be with the lowest TCO (total cost of ownership) and highest ROI (return on investment).

In this series we’ll walk through the differences (and similarities) between running various server configurations on FreeBSD vs Linux. Once tied together, the advantages of using FreeBSD will be apparent although we suspect you’ll have realized them already!

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Our FreeBSD vs Linux Articles

  • FreeBSD FAMP vs Linux LAMP - comparisons between FreeBSD and Linux as common web servers including example commands and frequently asked questions

FreeBSD vs Linux

Questions about running FreeBSD? How does it compare to or differ from Linux? Drop your question and/or comment here and we'll answer you personally! The most common questions will be included in future articles.

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